Welcome to Bhandarkars' PU College

          The institute is a part of Bhandarkars' Arts & Science College, Kundapura (managed by BASC Trust) which is a first grade college of Arts, Science and Commerce. This College came into existence mainly as a result of the munificent donation of Rs.2,00,000 by Dr.A.S. Bhandarkar who was then practicing as a doctor at Bahrain, Persian Gulf. Many leading Citizens of Kundapura and Rotary Club of Kundapura strove hard for the opening of this college which was a long felt need of the taluk. With the co-operation of the public of Kundapura, Academy of General Education, Manipal took up the responsibility of rearing this institution.

          The College, sponsored by the Academy of General Education, Manipal started functioning from June, 1963 and today is one of the progressive institutions.

G.M. Gonda, M.A.,M.Phil,
Principal Bhandarkars' PU College

          The institution offers following subject combinations at Pre University level:

  • PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology)
  • PCMS (Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Statistics)
  • PCMCs (Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Computer Science)
  • SECA (Statistics, Economics, Commerce and Accountancy)
  • HECA (History, Economics, Commerce and Accountancy)
  • CABS (Commerce, Accountancy, Bus. Maths and Statistics)
  • CACsS (Commerce, Accountancy, Computer Science and Statistics)
  • HESP (History, Economics, Sociology and Political Science)
  • ESPP (Economics, Sociology, Political Science and Psychology)