The objective of the course is to introduce career and market-oriented, skill in computer networking, which has utility for job, self-employment and empowerment of the students. At the end of three years, the students will be equipped with a certificate/Diploma/Advanced diploma in an add-on orientation course along with a conventional degree in Science/Arts/Commerce.
Importance and advantage:
         Almost every mid-sized and big industry nowadays runs their business using the computer networks. So the computer networking and maintaining the computer networks is one of the major jobs in those companies. It requires trained and skilled employees to handle the computer networks. The course is aimed to provide the required training and skill to the students according to the industry requirements.

       The Local Area Network training system is designed to enable students to get a "hands-on" understanding of computer networks and contains a set of complementary exercises, leveraging Tetcos' best in class learning solutions. The training system brings the state-of-the-art including Fast Ethernet and Wireless LAN technologies. Customized software, LT-soft is integrated with training system to study network performance in real-time. The LAN training system is today the most favored networking laboratory tool for challenges across India.

The course consists of three levels:
  • Certificate level
  • Diploma level
  • Advanced Diploma Level

Teaching methodology:
  • Theory
  • Practical
  • Simulation
  • Trainer Kit