Dr. N. P. Narayana Shetty, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Principal (Degree College)

G.M. Gonda, M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil.
Principal (P.U. College)


Staff Profile - Dr. Cpt. N. P. Narayana Shetty

Name Dr. Cpt. N. P. Narayana Shetty
Designation Principal, Bhandarkars' College
Qualification M.A.(First Rank), M.Phil.(Distinction),
Ph.D., Master Facilitator in HRD & TQM,
Pursuing M.B.A. degree.
Experience(in years) 26
Area of expertise Hindi Literature
Achievements/Activities Involved

1. Contributed towards framing of syllabus in Hindi for the undergraduate classes of Mangalore University through conducting workshops.
2. Serving as the President of Mangalore University Hindi Adhyapak Sangh for the last consecutive two years.
3. Participated as a resource person in different College level, University Level and National Level Hindi Programmes.
4. Attended several National and International Hindi conferences and seminars and presented papers on it.


1. Served as coordinator of IQAC for 5 years.
2. Served as a member of the core committee for the preparation of SSR for NAAC.
3. Served as coordinator for the preparation of SSR for NAAC.
4. Served as the review committee member for the preparation of SSR for NAAC.


1. Served as NSS programme officer for 3 years.
2. Conducted 3 special camps for 10 days each.
3. Lead the Mangalore University team to Gujarat for National Integration Camp.
4. Participated in the total literacy programme of Dakshina Kannada.


1. Served as NCC Coy Commander for more than 11 years at different ranks.
2. Attended more than 25 annual training camps and served at different capacities as adjutant, training officer, quarter master etc. in the camp.
3. Conducted several adventure activities like cycling, trekking, rock climbing etc.
4. Lead the Mangalore Group NCC Team to All India camps at Kolhapur, Shillong, Gujarat and Bangalore.


1. M.Phil. and Ph.D.
2. completed a minor research project sponsored by UGC.
3. presently doing a self funded research project on 'Omar Khayyam'.
4. produced 3 M.Phil. and One Ph.D. degrees under my supervision.
5. at present guiding 2 M.Phil. students.

Interest/Hobbies Working on Computers
Travelled most of the states in India.
Contact information e-mail id: [email protected]
Mobile No: 9242120598
Other information

1. Serving as a HRD Facilitator in and outside the college.
2. Recognised HRD and TQM facilitator from the Department of Collegiate Education, Karnataka.
3. Served as coordinator for HRD & TQM activities of DCE of Chikmagalur District.
4. Conducted several HRD related training programmes in and outside the college.
5. Participated as a HRD resource person in more than 20 feel employable programmes conducted at different parts of the Country.


1. ICT literate teacher.
2. Prepared digitized study materials in Hindi for the benefit of the students.
3. Created blogs and using these blogs for the purpose of teaching and learning.
4. Created a website for Vijaya College, Mulki and maintained it for 2 years.
5. Planning to prepare e-contents in the subject.
6. Knowledge of Audio and Video editing.


Correspondent, Private Aided Higher Primary School, Budnar, Udupi

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Staff Profile - G. M. Gonda

Name G. M. Gonda
Designation Principal - Bhandarkars' PU College
Qualification M. A., B.Ed., M. Phil., Pursuing Ph.D.
Experience(in years) 12
Area of expertise Hindi Literature

1. State Level Syllabus Committee Member
2.District Level Principals' Association Member


1. "Thodo Khara Thodo - Upanyas Ka Ek Vishleshan" - Research article for M. Phil.
2."Narendra Kohli Ke Upanyaso Me Vyangy" - Thesis for Ph.D.

Interest/Hobbies Writing, Reading, Playing Games.
Contact information e-mail id: [email protected]
Mobile No: 9482545017

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