Academic Programmes affiliated to Mangalore University

  1. Graduate Degree courses: B.A./B.Sc./B.Com./B.B.M./B.C.A.
  2. P.G. Course: M. Com.
All the Degree courses are credit based Semester systems.
      A student admitted to any of the graduate degree course has to study the English as First Language and any one of the three Languages (Kannada/Hindi/Sanskrit) as the Second Language.
  • B.A. Courses:
    Bachelor of Arts Programme is offered with the following courses:
    • History, Economics and Kannada.
    • History, Economics and Political Science.
    • History, Sociology and Political Science.
    • English, Journalism and Psychology.
  • B.Sc. Courses:
    Bachelor of Science Programme is offered with the following courses:
    • Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
    • Mathematics, Physics and Statistics.
    • Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science.
    • Botany, Zoology and Chemistry.
    • Micro-Biology, Bio-Chemistry and Botany.
    • Bio-Technology,Bio-Chemistry and Botany.
    • Bio-Technology,Bio-Chemistry and Zoology.
  • B.Com.: Bachelor of Commerce
  • B.B.M.: Bachelor of Business Management
  • B.C.A.: Bachelor of Computer Applications
  • (Note: Constitution, Human rights and Environmental Studies are the Compulsory subjects for all the first and second semester degree students and General studies is the Compulsory subject for third and fourth semester B.A.and B.Sc students ).
  • M. Com.: Master of Commerce

    Diploma Course in Theatre.

  • Diploma Course in Theatre is affiliated to the Kannada University,Hampi
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