How to choose silver jewelry correctly

How to choose silver jewelry correctly

Many people prefer silver products to gold accessories. There are good reasons for this: this metal is harder and stronger, which allows you to create reliable and high-quality products. But only jewelry made of pure silver, without impurities, has all these qualities. Unfortunately, there are now many different fakes and imitations. How to distinguish real silver? Read the article below and find out more information on web.

What is a sample and how to detect it

Only 925 sterling silver should be used in jewelry. This alloy contains 92.5% of precious metal and is called sterling silver. There is also a higher fineness, 999, but only ingots are made from this metal for storage in banks, it is unsuitable for jewelry. But a small addition of copper (about 7%) will add strength to your favorite jewelry.

Any silver product must have two seals on its surface. The first is the mark of the test, which was mentioned above, and the second is the stamp of the Assay Chamber, which means that the purity of the metal has been checked by the state.

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Documents for decoration

When shopping for accessories, you've probably seen the paper tags attached to each piece of jewelry. This is the passport of the product. It also indicates the grade, weight, number and type of gem settings (if any), and notes all details about the gem.

Certified jewelry stores sell products made of sterling silver - an alloy of silver and copper. But sometimes unscrupulous manufacturers replace copper with zinc. You should not buy such jewelry - they can cause allergies, irritation, and even dermatitis! The Yantar Polissia company has never used zinc-containing alloys in its products, but to make sure that it is not present in your other jewelry, look for the "Zinc free" mark in their passports.

How to choose real silver

If you want to buy silver, it is better to do it in Ukraine, where there are practically no fakes or metal products below 925 in jewelry stores. This allows you to be sure that the ring or earrings you bought will not tarnish or deteriorate. In addition, the works of domestic masters are quite interesting, especially in combination with bright and attractive precious stones.

You can come across fakes when buying silver products in Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, China, and Thailand. As a rule, such souvenirs have an understated price, have unpolished edges, burrs, and defects. And they can be made from any light alloy - from low-quality silver to brass, aluminum, or cupronickel. It is clear that neither durability nor quality should be expected from such products.

Choose a well-known and reliable manufacturer, carefully study the information on the product's passport - and it will please you for many, many years!

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