Making jewelry from amber

Amber brooches

For the production of amber brooches, the most interesting, large, different transparency and flat stones with unique patterns are selected. Gems with a so-called lemon crust look original.

Translucent amber seems to show what is hidden inside them. The shapes of brooches directly depend on the source material, that is, which stone is used for production: round or oval, faceted or coal. All brooches are characterized by a common mirror spot, which has a significant area. The existing noble surface is used to cut stones (a protruding pattern above the background) or intaglio - images immersed in the background. To explore a stunning collection of such exquisite amber jewelry, visit and witness the fusion of nature's beauty with artisanal craftsmanship.

Брошка з бурштину

Amber pendants

The technological process of production of amber pendants is similar to the production of inserts for earrings. Here, only one larger stone is enough. Amber is well streamlined, flattened in the form of a drop, the background is of varying degrees of transparency and, of course, with a beautiful, pleasant pattern. After the pendants are made, a suitable rope or chain is selected for them. They use the mineral that will better emphasize the beauty and dignity of gem jewelry.

Кулон з бурштину

Amber necklace

Such jewelry is the most popular and popular among women. Many of them wear necklaces made of amber, knowing that the gem is able to cure most ailments, especially since they are almost as beautiful as products made of solid stone.

Round beads, with oval and spherical shapes are considered the classic form of beads. Basically, they are machined, because it is very difficult to get the same size and shape of beads by hand. For amber beads, faceted rounds, small cubes with smoothed edges, chiseled pellets, small plates and the most ordinary pebbles, which are collected in large quantities after storms on the Baltic coast, are perfect. In turn, the latter are sorted by color, shape and size.

If necessary, the pebbles are polished to a strong kapron vein or thread. A necklace in jewelry is often strung in several rows, which can bend and form new patterns. Individual stones in the decoration will stand out due to their unusual color and shape, hang like droplets or icicles and reflect with shimmering rays.

In addition to the listed, most common types of jewelry, there are others that you can make yourself. These are decorative pins, bracelets, tie clips. Amber is the most available material for products, so in work, preference is given to a group of products made of gems - sets. It is the set of jewelry that gives the maximum opportunity to realize the creativity of the artist, to show his skill, to reveal the mystery and to show all the natural beauty of the stone. Far from the last role in the products is played by the materials of the frames: wood, metal, textile and leather.

There are many such works in which amber acts as a secondary stone. It is used as textured spots, inserts for the originality of such jewelry as purses, women's bags, smoking pipes, and more. The amber insert will emphasize the individuality of the product, the author's idea, reveal the beauty of objects and fill them with new meaning.

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