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Department of Commerce and Business Management

Name Qualification Designation Experience (yrs) E-Mail ID

Chandrashekar Doma
M.Com., Principal 37 [email protected]

K. Shantharam
M.Com., HOD and
Associate Professor
37 [email protected]

M.V.N. Swamy
M.Com.,M.Phil.,Ph.D., Associate Professor 36 [email protected]

B. Vasantha Shetty
M.Com., Associate Professor 35 --

Yashawanthi S. Salian
M.Com., M.Phil., Associate Professor 30 [email protected]

Arunachala M.
M.Com., Associate Professor 30 [email protected]

Raghuveer Y. S.
M.Com., Associate Professor 28 [email protected]

Archana Arvind
MBA., Lecturer 5 [email protected]

Prashanth S. Hegde
MBA., Lecturer 4 [email protected]

Aruna A.S.
M.Com., Lecturer 4 [email protected]

Roopa B.
M.Com., Lecturer 3 [email protected]

Anjan Kumar A.L.
MAF., Lecturer 3 [email protected]

M.Com.., Lecturer 1 [email protected]

Geetha Prabhu K.
M.Com., Lecturer 1 --

Savitha Shastri
M.Com., Lecturer -- --

Bhavya U. P.
MBA, M.Com., Lecturer 3 [email protected]

M.Com., Lecturer -- --